The Renewable Energy Industries Association of NM

Representing thousands of "green collar" NM jobs, REIA advocates on behalf of those jobs and hundreds of New Mexico companies and individuals who are actively engaged in the business of renewable energy. REIA fights for the right combination of technology, financial incentive programs, public interest, and environmental policies that support continued growth in the renewable energy industry, creating more jobs and a stronger economic future for New Mexico.


In February, Salt River Project (SRP--a utility in AZ) raised its solar access fees to an average $80 a month. As a result, Solar City reports that solar installations have decreased 96%. Meanwhile, in states without solar access fees, business has doubled for Solar City. The excessive fees and the outright hostile position of the utilities in Arizona will directly contribute to job loss and now make it one of the worst places to install solar. It's a pity, when Arizona enjoys more sun than any other US state. In New Mexico, the major utility company, PNM, has proposed an access fee for solar customers in their upcoming rate case. Preventing an access fee in New Mexico is the number one priority for REIA NM.


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